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  • Salinas Educational Article of the Month - How To Get Rid Of Foxes

How To Get Rid Of Foxes

How To Get Rid Of Foxes

Foxes can create havoc due to their predation habits. There are several techniques to get rid of California foxes because they cause damage to Salinas property and disease to human around. Foxes are a scavenger who dig out gardens, attack your small pets at home and eat unsecure garbage in your backyard. They invade both urban and rural areas and cause real problem so removing them is very important.

Foxes look for food supply in the California neighborhood so it is important to restrict the food supply which will stop foxes from invading the territory. Garbage can should be properly closed if possible create a concrete structure for the garbage can and look it up. These four legged mammal is the greatest enemy of framers and livestock breeder as foxes tend to attack them and eat them up.

Fencing could be an option to prevent Salinas foxes from getting into your property but it can be really expensive to fence the entire property. Traditional white picket fencing or mesh fencing can keep the foxes away but the fence needs to be tall enough so that they cannot jump over. California Foxes are excellent digger and can dig under your foundation causing damage to the property. They try to find shelter under shed or deck and can carry disease which can infect pets and kids at home. They carry tape worm parasites which can infect human beings if they come in contact. So trapping is very important for health and safety reason but make sure you do not kill the animal.

Foxes are not very social California animals and avoid contact with human beings so trapping might not be full proving method to get rid of them. Different traps are available in the market and they are usually bigger in size compared to other traps. Since foxes are very cunning animal they tend to fool the traps set by human. Lure the Salinas fox to the trap with its favorite food and make sure the trap is concealed for successfully trapping a fox. Once its trap relocate it to a far location as killing these animal might affect the ecosystem.

Repellant for California foxes can also be used to keep them away. Some spray repellent is available in the market like the scent of coyotes. Foxes have high hearing power and some ultra-sonic repellent can be used as they do not like the sound however it harms dog so it is not recommended if you have a dog.

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