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  • About Us - Information about Our Monterey County California wildlife removal experts.

About Us - Salinas's Best

We are a professional wildlife removal company servicing Salinas, in operation for 5 years. We love solving wildlife problems! We pride ourselves on our quality work and exceptional customer service.:

  • Over five years of wildlife control experience.
  • Fully trained on latest wildlife control techniques and tools.
  • Fully licensed by the California Wildlife Commission.
  • Have property liability insurance.
  • Extensive experience with professional home repairs.
  • Trained in attic cleanup and decontamination.
  • We give a written work estimate and written guarantee of work.
  • We treat wildlife in a respectful and humane manner.
  • We are available 24/7 via cell phone.
  • We schedule fast appointments, and arrive on time.
  • We treat our customers the way we'd like to be treated.

We a complete job, from start to finish. We remove wildlife humanely and effectively, using the proper traps, tools, and techniques for each unique animal and situation. When we encounter animals inside a house, we inspect every part of the house, from ground level to every part of the roof, to identify all the areas of entry, and all vulnerable areas, and we perform professional repairs, with guarantee, to seal entry holes shut. We inspect inside the attic to find any damage or biohazard, and provide full cleaning services. We offer attic decontamination, poison-free and permanent rodent control, bat colony exclusion, bird prevention, snake removal, dead animal removal and odor control, and more.

California is known for it's beautiful sunny weather. However the sun can cause our wildlife critters to seak water and shelter from the heat. If you find yourself with raccoons, snakes, rodents, or any other type of Salinas' wildlife give us a call! Our team is trained in trapping and removing, as well as prevention methods to keep them from coming back. We proudly service the following cities: Carmel, Del Rey Oaks, Gonzales, Greenfield, King City, Marina, Pacific Grove, Sand City, Soledad, Aromas, Boronda, Bradley, Castroville, Santa Cruz, Watsonville, Monterey, and Seaside. We also service the following counties: Santa Cruz County, San Benito County, Fresno County, Kings County, and San Luis Obispo County.

NOTE: We are not the Monterey County Animal Control Services. We do provide wildlife removal in Monterey County California, but we are a private company. Please do not call us regarding any matters that should be directed to the free county animal services. They deal with dog and cat issues, and select issues such as an animal on the street, etc. Below is the TIP OF THE MONTH regarding local Monterey County animal services related matters:

About Pigeons

Pigeons are intelligent and complex animals. You would be amazed to know that they are one of the small number of species that have passed mirror test. It’s basically a test of self-recognition. They are capable of recognising each letter of the alphabet, can differentiate between photographs and are also capable of distinguishing between different humans in a photograph.

Pigeons are stout-bodied birds. They have short necks and short slender bills with a fleshy cere. Pigeons come in a variety of plumage colorations. Various mutations have also occurred within this species. Pigeons exhibit a lot of variations in their size. They tend to have short legs and bills and small heads on compact, large bodies. Their characteristic head bobbing is because of their natural desire and not their definite characteristic.

Both the male and female pigeons share equal responsibility in caring and raising their children. Both of the sexes take turn in incubating the eggs and feed the chicks pigeon milk. Pigeon milk is a special secretion from the lining of the crop which is produced by both the sexes.

Life cycle
The life cycle of the pigeon varies from 3-5 years till 15 years, it is dependent on many different factors. They can be natural predation, human interference, weather conditions, etc.

Pigeons are distributed everywhere on the earth. But they won’t be found in the dry areas such as Antarctica or Sahara Desert. Pigeons have colonised most of the oceanic islands and have reached eastern Polynesia, Chatham Islands in the Pacific, Mauritius, the Seychelles and Azores in Atlantic Ocean. The family of pigeons have adapted to most of the habitats on the planet. These species can be terrestrial, arboreal or semi terrestrial. Various species of their family also inhabit deserts, grasslands, savannahs, temperate woodlands and forests, mangrove forests and barren sands.

Pigeons feed on fruits (including berries), seeds, shoots, green leaves and other soft plant material. Pigeons also feed on insects including spiders. Their diet depends on the availability.

Pigeons are extensively known for outstanding navigational activities. They use different range of skills such as using the sun as guide and as an internal magnetic compass. A recent study at Oxford University found that they use landmarks as sign posts, can travel along motorways and man-made roads and are also capable of changing direction at junctions. To learn more about our services, visit the Salinas wildlife removal home page.

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