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Snake Repellent

Snake Repellent

When there are Salinas snakes in the backyard and inside your house, then it becomes a big problem for the people living there. Snakes are really dangerous and you cannot predict their attack at all. The worst part is that they can sneak up from anywhere and attack you. So to get rid of the California snakes in your house, you would require a snake repellent. There are many types of snake repellents present in the market. Follow the list below to find out which one is best for you.

1. Mothballs
Mothballs are one of the most effective Salinas snake repellents that can work quite well. The main ingredient in mothballs is naphthalene which does all the work. The main use of naphthalene is that it creates irritation to the snake’s chemical receptors. Because of this reason, naphthalene is used in many different remedies altogether.

2. Sprays
Sprays are also one of the popular California snake repellents and the main reason of choosing them is that they are environment friendly. You can spray them anywhere you want to. Be it tool sheds, in the gardens, playhouses, under rocks and decks, and wood piles. If you are out for camping and afraid of snakes present in the area, then just spray the repellent on the ground just outside your tent and it will do all the work. When the repellent is sprayed, it messes up the whole chemical receptors of the snake which makes it impaired and forces him to leave the area.

3. Liquid repellents
There are many reasons to use liquid repellents. One of them is Liquid Fence Snake Repellent. They are safe to use and are harmless because they are totally naphthalene free. This also means that they are safe for plants. They are long lasting which makes them durable and also there are less hassle to use them. You can also use Salinas sulfur snake repellent because it is non-toxic. But before using them you have to cover your nose and mouth. Another advantage of using this repellent is that they can be used to put in the cracks of the building so that snakes do not invade that place.

Although there are so many different types of California snake repellents present in the market, but the downside is that none of them is 100% effective. Yes there are few cases where they might work, but none of them will guarantee that they will work all the time.

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