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  • Salinas Educational Article of the Month - Wild Animal Diseases

Wild Animal Diseases

Wild Animal Diseases

There are different types of Salinas wild animal diseases. While some cannot be contracted by humans, other disease can be transmitted to us too and some may affect our pets.

Let us begin with a list of diseases that do not normally spread from California animals to humans:
• Distemper
• Hantavirus
• Heartworms
• Parvovirus
• Pinworms
• Systemic Fungal Infections
• Lyme Disease
• Influenza, cold and sore throat

There are certain diseases that can hop over to humans if we do not take precautions. These diseases are known as zoonoses and they can also be fatal at times.

• Anthrax
• Arbovirus
• Avian Influenza
• B Virus
• Brucellosis
• Cyanobacteria
• E. coli
• Giardiasis
• Leptospirosis
• Plague
• Raccoon Roundowrm
• Rat Bite Fever
• Ringworm
• Tularemia

Humans often end up contracting these diseases because they were in close vicinity to the Salinas wild animals. Those who are in the profession of looking after California wild animals have to take care of themselves very well to avoid contracting diseases that can lead to a lot of health problems. Make sure that you understand the risks of coming in contact with a wild animal and take enough precautions. It is also important for you to take a bath and wash the clothes you were wearing if you were in contact with a diseased animal.

Wild animal diseases that can affect your pets
• Foot and mouth disease
• Corridor disease
• African Swine Fever
• Bovine Malignant Catarrhal Fever
• Tuberculosis
• Trypanosomiasis
• Rabies

It is disheartening to lose pet animals to such diseases and if you are raising these Salinas animals for money, then it can lead to a lot of financial loss too. This is why it is important to get the pets vaccinated regularly and ensure that they do not come in contact with wild animals. This is the best way to keep diseases at a minimum among your pets.

Diseases caused by wild animal faeces
Histomplasmosis is a disease that is caused by a fungus which is found in California bat or bird droppings. Inhaling the fungus leads to an infection of the lungs. Faecally contaminated can also lead to diseases like Giardiasis. Another fungus that is found in pigeon droppings which can lead to health issues is Cryptococcosis.

Disease caused by bites and scratches
Bites can often lead to rabies. Any animal can be carrying rabies, so it is important that you immediately contact a California healthcare professional if you are bitten by a wild animal that may have rabies.

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